Resort Insurance


Since 1988, The Standard has been providing custom designed insurance for the Resort Industry in Canada.  This exclusively tailored program is available to lodges, fly-in outposts, outfitters, houseboat operators and more.  The Standard has over 1000 clients participating in our Resort Insurance Program and we are growing every day!


Our clients are top priority.
We build lasting relationships through peace of mind and innovative quality insurance.
Our commitment to excellence guarantees our future successful partnership.


Our program is the most comprehensive insurance package available to the tourism industry. We believe insurance should be reflective of the unique and diverse needs of the Canadian Resort industry.  It provides flexibility and security for your business.

Program Eligibility
Good Claims History
Quality Physical Condition of Property
Excellent Housekeeping Practices

Bonus Features
Coverage Options
Claims Free Credit
Fire Protection of up to 30%
Registered Tourism Association Credit
Loyalty Credit

Optional Coverage
Business Interruption
Resort Equipment used in conjunction with camp operations (unlicensed)
Gas Pumps/ Tanks/ Fuel
Sign Coverage Increased
Personal Article Rider
Crime Limit Increased
Temporarily Removed Property Increased
Consequential Loss Assumption Increased
Boiler and Machinery (including generators)
Transit Limit Increased

Required Information
Completed and Signed Application
Photographs of all buildings, sheds, docks, etc…
Brochures of risk/website
A copy of all waivers must be obtained (i.e. horseback waivers, watercraft waivers)


There are two kinds of Property Coverage available: All Risk or Named Perils

Basis of Settlement
Replacement Cost – the cost of replacing, repairing, constructing or reconstructuring without deduction for depreciation.

Actual Cash Value – the cost of replacement less any depreciation for wear and tear and age.  This option is available if you do not choose to insure to full replacement value.

Property Coverage
Earthquake Protection
Flood Protection
$1 Million Newly Acquired Property
$100,000 In-Transit
$50,000 Sales Representative
$50,000 Consequential Loss
$25,000 Extra Expense
$25,000 Computers (including software)
$25,000 Property of Owners, Employees and Officers
Sewer & Septic System Back-up Protection
$25,000 Hydro Poles & Lines (off premises)
Blanket By-Laws
$10,000 Accounts Receivable
$10,000 Valuable Papers
$10,000 Professional Fees
$10,000 Additional Living Expense (owners only)
$10,000 Docks (fire only)
$10,000 Property of Guests
$10,000 Sign Coverage (off premises)
$10,000 Premises Pollution Clean-up
$5,000 Fire Department Charges
$5,000 Parcel Post
Off Premises Reconstruction Clause



This is a $10,000 comprehensive dishonesty,
disappearance, and destruction coverage
including forgery.


Tenants Legal Liability
Occurrence Property Damage
Unlicensed Vehicles
Watercraft Owned & Non-owned
Comprehensive Personal Liability
$25,000/person Medical Payment
$500,000 Forest Fire Fighting Expense
General Aggregate Limit $10,000,000
Broad Form Property Damage
Personal Injury
Blanket Contractual
Employees as Additional Named Insured
Non-owned Automobile
Innkeepers Liability
Contingent Employers Liability
Marine Liability

The Standard Resort Insurance Program believes in offering flexibility.
Our basic package comes with liability coverage of $5,000,000.

$2,000,000 (smaller outfitters)

Additional Liability Exposures
Liquor Liability coverage for licensed establishments
Personal Watercraft (seadoos, etc…)
Tour Boats
Horseback Riding
Kayaks and canoes


There are two kinds of Watercraft Coverage available:
All Risk without waterborne collision or All risk with waterborne collision.

In the event of a loss, settlement is based on one of the following:

Blanket Coverage
Actual Cash Value unless 3 years or newer (must be purchased new) then it is Replacement Cost

Scheduled Coverage
Actual Cash Value unless 3 years or newer (must be purchased new) then it is Replacement Cost

Agreed Scheduled Coverage
Value agreed upon between insured, broker and insurer.  This would be for houseboats, barges, launches, cruisers, etc.

Houseboat coverage
In order to qualify for this form of coverage the vessel(s) must meet the following requirements:

Must be in good sound physical mechanical order. Must be approved by Kenora Program Facilitators.


Commercial Property/Liability policies such as Resort Insurance do not insure aircraft exposures.  The following are reasons for the extended coverage:

Aviation Liability Coverage
Aviation quotes can be provided on the aircraft you own.

Non-Owned Aircraft Liability Coverage
If you have customers flying to your resort or outpost cabin, take sightseeing trips, or fly in fishing trips, you have an exposure of being named in a lawsuit.  The Non-Owned Aircraft Liability policy protects you for the damages brought against you.

Premise Aviation Liability Coverage
If you have any premise used for aircraft, landing area, hangar, etc., you have an exposure to a lawsuit which needs to be protected, whether the aircraft using this premise is owned by yourself or another.  This will protect you against the property damage and/or bodily injury losses due to an incident on your premise.


The Standard Resort Insurance Program

Canada’s #1 Insurance Program for Resorts, Guides, Outfitters, and Campgrounds

Program Coverage
• Property
• Liability

• Crime
• Watercraft
• Aviation

For more information on The Standard Resort Insurance Program, please contact:

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P: 1-888-979-2655
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Swan River, MB

Kent Cook
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